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021-852 1467 info@chilanga.co.za

Meet the Team

Sally Kluth is the founder and owner of the riding school. Sally was born in India in 1934 and from an early age realised the harsh reality of poverty. As a consequence, the alleviation of suffering of people and animals became her life calling. As a child in India she noticed the suffering endured by those with Polio and started giving them rides on her ponies. These activities continued in South Africa when her family relocated in 1946 to Somerset West. Sally’s vision for the riding school and her handful of caring helpers is to be able to continue to provide access to weekly riding therapy for the children in need.

The Chilanga Riding school is now driven by a team of motivated, passionate and caring people who all chip-in their time and skills to make this non profit a reality.

Susan van Niekerk


Christiane Wigand

Committee Member

Gordon Khohlakala


Anne-Marie Holroyd


Megan Campbell

Riding Instructor,
Committee Member

Cristina Khohlakala


Jennifer Coetzee


Marsha Nezura

Social Media Coordinator,
Committee Member