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021-852 1467 info@chilanga.co.za


"Friends" of Chilanga



If you want to get involved and help out in some way, you can volunteer to assist the team of dedicated volunteers currently offering their time and effort at Chilanga.

Anybody with compassion and horse knowledge can become a “Friend of Chilanga”.

We need you!

Stay informed, help build our network of contacts, promote our cause and help put us in touch with people you may know, who can assist us.


Become a Sponsor

The Chilanga Riding School for the Disabled is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO number (023-171-NPO) managed by an independent management committee, which means that funds are properly managed and reported on. Your funds will go a long way to helping the school sustain its operations and grow its ability to help many more disadvantaged, disabled children in the future.

Remember: your donations are tax deductible – please email us to get a tax receipt for donations made.